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Jason Brooks’ HospiVation, LLC is a culmination of some of the best parts of elite hospitality brands in the industry that had to adapt through some of the most challenging times in our generation

At the core of that is still people leading people, while creating less friction when it comes to achieving goals, both personally and professionally. The attention span of teams today has shifted in a way that we must now deliver content to make it more digestible, actionable, and clear. This is no easy feat. Jason Brooks has created a process with HospiVation to put the Motivation back in Hospitality, the Clarity in your Vision, and Action in your Intentions to catapult your goals to be real in your brand. Book Jason as a Restaurant Keynote Speaker and Leadership Coach today so you can meet and beat your goals tomorrow.

We understand you, we get you, and we are able to help you through our systems that work to make your team and customers connected by closing the gap of expectations and execution.

Jason's Topics

Closing the Gap Between Customer Expectations & Operator Execution in Your Brand

In the hospitality Industry the gap between customer experience and company execution can be dangerously miles apart. These gaps build frustration and loss of trust in the customer, with the company, and with the operators, causing everyone to lose focus on the most important aspects of our business. The connection. All of the touchpoints the customer has with us are created equally. Either we exceed them, or we don’t.

Jason’s keynote ‘Closing the Gap’ helps teams’ identity the in-your-face reasons why ‘The Gap’ happens with your business and guides you through simple solutions to get you back on track to consistently being above the bar in your execution.

Transforming Service Managers to Hospitality Leaders in 5 Key Steps 

What’s the one thing that every manager needs to be a leader? Followers. A Team. Their A-Team. The challenge? Managers have regressed in the soft skills needed to develop their teams because of changes to their own patterns of management. This regression escalated during the pandemic, widening the gap of effective leaders in the field. Get what it means to understand the B.I.G. picture in connecting the reality of your goals with the reality in your business.

Jason Brooks will help you and your team get there.

Leading with The Right Mindset: Managing vs Leading vs Coaching

The average hospitality professional will act in all three facets multiple times a day to reach positive results for their team/s. The trick is knowing which mindset and methodology is appropriate for the given situation. Unknowingly most of your teams’ underperforming results are based on not knowing the differences between the three. Even with those that know the three mindsets, they can still over-commit to stay within just one. I can tell you, it is not one versus the other, but a balance of all three.

Jason will walk you through the fundamentals of when to use a management style, versus leadership style, versus a coach mentality, and build a productive team through the power of relationships.

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