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Every Leader Needs Followers book cover

Order Jason’s new book, "Every Leader
Needs Followers"

You’re not leading if you’re doing it by yourself. If you think you can in today’s hospitality industry, this book isn’t for you.

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Some Keys Focus On:

Changing your mindset for the situation you’re in
(Key #5: Managing vs Leading vs Coaching).

The art of creating self-sustained systems
(Key #3: Delegating / Creating Mini GM’s)

How to see your business from the view of the customer to help drive
sales and satisfaction.
(Key #9: Closing the Gap in Customer Expectations & Operator Execution).

In This Book...

Each key will cover ‘The Main Course', followed by ‘The Takeaway’ section for those that want a quick 3-5 paragraph read, and finally, ‘The Angle’ which will be quotes, thoughts, and experiences from hospitality professionals to help give you different viewpoints on the topic.

About the Book

What’s the one thing that every manager needs to be a leader? Followers. A Team. Their A-Team. The challenge? Managers have regressed in the soft skills needed to develop their teams because of changes to their own key methods that once made them successful. This regression escalated during the pandemic, widening the gap of effective leaders in the field. The solution? There are 10 keys that help transform restaurant managers into hospitality leaders by enhancing their key methods in creating a culture of not just goal setting, but goal getting.

Available at Amazon logo
Every Leader Needs Followers book cover
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